Concert & Event Highlights at the Great Orangery

Enjoy classical music at Charlottenburg Palace or visit our great guest events. For lovers of classical music, gourmets or culture enthusiasts – the public events at the Great Orangerey suit every taste!

A tuneful journey into a different world: Berlin Residence Concerts at Charlottenburg Palace

Experience Baroque and classical works by illustrious composers such as Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, and Monteverdi as electors and kings once did. Played by the Berlin Residence Orchestra in period costumes and staged in the Baroque architecture of the Great Orangery, the Berlin Residence Concerts whisk you away to the magnificent past.

Enjoy the tasteful combination of culinary delights and wonderful melodies during our dinner arrangements: the evening opens with a themed dinner menu from Catering by Marriott Berlin, followed by a tasteful concert in the West Wing of the Great Orangery.

Concert programme and reservations

You can find the current programme and the opportunity to buy tickets on our event calendar. Tickets are bookable online, at our ticket office or at the box office depending on the availability.

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